Certified Service Representative

What will I learn

This certification is an industry-driven and endorsed credential that helps employers distinguish and recognize qualified customer service professionals, and help define career advancement opportunities for candidates


By earning the professional certification in customer service, candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in work areas that employer’s value, and exhibit commitment to professional growth.

Career Paths

On completion of the course, you will have many different career paths open to you, including:
 Contract Centre Supervisor
 Customer Service Team Leader
 Customer Relations Advisor
 Hotel Manager
 Sales Manager
 Customer Service Manager

Course Outline

Module 1: Connect With Professional Service
  • Describe the factors that influence a customer’s perception of service
  • Describe the role of voice tone in communication success
  • List indicators of successful communication
  • List the factors of effective listening
  • Demonstrate paraphrasingtechniques
  • Describe how to set and manage customer expectations
  • Explain the value of a complaint
  • Identify communication preferences
Module 2: Communicate Effectively
  • Describe a professional greeting and manner that conveys respect and caring
  • Conduct professional holds and transfers
  • Write an example of complete call documentation and email correspondence.
Module 3: Manage the Call
  • List four types of questions used to maintain call control
  • Provide responses to difficult customer questions truthfully and without jeopardizing the customer’s positive perceptions.
Module 4: Manage the Customer
  • Identify difficult customer characteristics and tactics to work with them.
  • Employ techniques to manage customer anger.
  • Differentiate between positive and negative trigger phrases.
  • List steps in professionally saying no to a customer.
  • Follow hand off procedure in escalating a call.
Module 5: Service Above and Beyond
  • Match company services and products to customer needs.
  • Professionally offer identified services and products.
Module 6: Manage Stress
  • Explore causes of stress and burn out on the job
  • Identify techniques to relieve job stress.
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